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CEO and Founder of Honey Beauty
Genesis Dominguez
Born in Queens and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx by a young single mother who made her living as a hairstylist. You guessed right, we are Dominican hasta la tambora!
Accompanying my mom to work at a young age is where my passion for beauty originates from. Growing up, as an Afro- Latina you quickly notice that beauty is established by the color of your skin and the texture of your hair. I quickly noticed that the beauty industry didn't represent women like me- Brown Latinas with coily afro hair.
Family and friends would comment on my pelo malo as a joking matter. However, I will brush it off because it was what we were accustomed to do. I didn't think much of it until I faced adversity during college and hair discrimination while working in corporate America. I then decided to embark on my natural hair journey where I truly discovered my identity.
While studying abroad in the Dominican Republic during my junior year in college, I built a stronger connection to my ancestors and the motherland. Our history empowered me to embrace and celebrate my natural beauty. Dominican women are fierce and resilient like The Mirabal Sisters which gave me the inspiration I needed to stand up for myself and identify with our African diaspora.
I started to identify as an Afro Latina and I quickly got back lash saying that I am not Black I am Dominican. I started to wear my natural hair and I started to get comments about perming my hair porque es pelo malo and that I am prettier with pelo lacio. So you see, my natural hair journey was not the easiest from negative comments to learning about the right products for my natural hair. I dealt with many ups and downs but I stand strong now with my pajon, trenzas, or any other way I please to style my beautiful rizos.
As I continue to travel around the world and get exposure to other cultures, I always notice how in many countries the natives rely on the healing powers of naturally sourced ingredients. I decided to apply that concept to the hair care products that Honey Beauty will offer as we are rooted in Latin heritage.
Honey Beauty’s hair care products will ensure natural and clean ingredients that will achieve hair and scalp health. Delivering a honey based collection that has that high quality and luxurious feeling. Starting Honey Beauty is extremely exciting for me as I hope to build an inclusive community that embraces our natural hair and heritage.